Straight….to the heart

I wasn’t going to write this post. I wasn’t going to wade into the rocky waters of this subject. In fact, I’ve been putting the final touches on a much different topic. And then…. bigotry happened and that psychotic She Beast in my brain began shoving me aside to access the writer costume.


My household is, as a whole, staunch supporters for true LGBTQ equality. We embrace wholeheartedly this fight and will never apologize if that passion offends others. Sure, it means we go toe to toe at times with friends or family who fight on the other side of this topic. But such is life with humans.

Tonight I shared this image on Facebook: image Allow me to preface this writing by saying that I will not lay forth my religious or political views here. They are irrelevant and neither support or negate the points made. A friend of more than a decade, who couldn’t be further down the spectrum of the equality fight than I am, left a comment that goaded me into rebuttal mode. He said, “I’m so sick of hearing gay pride this, and happy homo  that, and  religious garbage. How about We have a straight pride…”


Arghhh I really didn’t want to tackle this one tonight. I spent the better part of my afternoon/evening in the hospital receiving iv narcotics. Feeling just a bit too groggy for debating but Damnit this one hit too close to home! As I said, its a familial issue for my household. image The photo  above is my fiancee, taken at Atlanta gay pride in 2011. The parade is pretty much our favorite holiday of the year. So much love and acceptance overflowing the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. That photo was taken immediately before an altercation, verbally, between the idiots of Westboro and attendees of Pride.

Westboro was in place, behind a police line, their vile hatred echoing off of the high rise buildings of downtown Atlanta. After a stomach turning length of time of these people barking their ignorant bigotry through a pa system, a group of attendees moved to stand between them and other folks awaiting the start of the parade. As the attendees began to sing’ Jesus Loves Me’ louder and louder in attempts to drown out the hate being shouted one of these hate mongers crossed the proverbial line with me. image He singled out one of our chosen family members, Dixon. Who is an ordained minister. Who just happens to be a lesbian. That is Dixon pictured above with my fiancee. It was truly like a movie. Somehow above the roar of competing voices I heard it, “You see this lady in the ministers collar? She’s going to hell…and she’s dragging all of you with her!”

He spewed some other derogatory rhetoric, ensuring to single her out. I saw red and wanted to strangle this 500 pound idiot. I flew over to the gaggle of Westboro mental midgets and was prepared to cross the police line…but an Atlanta police officer stopped me. He rambled about THEIR freedom of speech.


I remained on my side of the line and lit into this fool. He popped off about how I couldn’t be a Christian and be there celebrating with’ the sinners’. I reminded him what HIS Jesus said about judging and loving your neighbors. He responded with a line about how pride is one of the seven deadly sins….and I quickly looked his 500 pound frame up and down and said one word, GLUTTONY. As it began to be more heated Dixon’s wife proved the power of silent protest: image She quietly made her way down from the corner we had set up chairs on for the parade, entered the street, walked up to Dixon, grabbed the pole of the pride flag that Dixon held, and without a word she kissed her wife. I was lucky enough to capture the moment in film…but the photo doesn’t give the viewer a sense of the cheer that erupted in the crowd as a sea of people began to yell and clap. With that beautiful point made, we dispersed….leaving the idiots to entertain themself…and returned to our spot for the parade. image This is only one example of the beating we see ftom those who hide behind their religion to justify bigotry. And that bigotry isn’t just aimed at LGBTQ individuals……but for the sake of this writing, that’s what I’m going to focus on.

Now, we all know that so many hiding behind their bible love to cherry pick what parts can be twisted to fit their bigotry fueled agenda. And we’ve seen how many want to run to Levitical law to denounce homosexuality. But do you realize Levitical law bans SEVENTY SIX practices?!

Despite what some of these folks want to believe, Leviticus isn’t a one paragraph book that only spotlights homosexuality. I guaran-damn-tee we are all hell bound when it comes to Levitical law!

* Eating fat. The eating of fat was a punishable crime as fat was to be used as an offering to God. Better put down those Twinkies and those fried foods!

* Eating an animal that doesn’t both chew cud and has a divided hoof. Go ahead and toss out that bacon!

* Touching the carcass of any of the above. Damn, I really hope you dont play football!

* Mixing fabrics in clothing. You better go check your closet! Go on….I’ll just be sitting here eating the bacon you cant have since we know you wouldnt want to be a hypocrite.The tags confirmed the blended fabrics?! Aww well perhaps burlap sacks will be the next little black dress?!

* Trimming your beard. Cutting your head at the sides. Hmmm we should see solo many more Cousin It’s walking around!

* Mistreating foreigners. Yeah, your Facebook posts speak volumes!


The list is lengthy but puts the cherry pickers into a lovely position. And usually when you use their bible to debate their bigotry they get defensive. They oft will not budge so I toss out, “Are you Jewish?

“No. I am a proud Christian!”

“Ahhh but you failed to grasp that your Jesus’ death negated old testament law. Therefore, if you are a Christian, old testament and Levitical law do not govern you!” “I follow Jesus and Jesus said…” This is when I cut them off. This is when you remind them exactly what their Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and the greatest commandment. The second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.” Inevitably they will call up a verse within the new testament that speaks of homosexuality. Only to be reminded, Jesus NEVER spoke on homosexuality. Paul did….but not Jesus! So your Bible argument is invalid! Thank you, and piss off. image

Look, this isnt a “gay marriage” issue. This isnt a “gay pride” issue. This is a HUMANITY issue! This fight is no different than the battle for gender equality that ensued so women could stop being viewed as baby making slaves. It is no different than the battle to stop allowing skin color to divide and determine basic human rights.


Comments from folks regarding the lack of a “Straight pride” event drive me bat shit crazy. Where is this “Straing Pride”? Its every damn day. In every city. On every street!


Its in the freedom to walk hand in hand down the street with your partner without fear that some bigoted asshat will attack you.


Its in the freedom from fear in being able to parent children with your partner without worry a backwoods judge will revoke your parental rights.


Its in the freedom as a teenager to tell your parents about your first love without fear of being thrown out on the streets.


Its in the freedom of not being told you will roast in hell simply for being who you were born to be.


Its in the freedom of being able to walk into any court in any state and get the document that allows you to legally join lives with your partner.

Its in not having the fear that you could lose your job if your boss/coworkers find out you are gay.

It is in the freedom of not worrying that if your partner becomes critically ill or dies, you will be shut out of decisions and memorials by their homophobic family.


The saddest issue I have to see is our youth who are thrown out like yesterdays garbage because their parents fail them. Having a gay child doesnt mean youve failed your children…..being incapable of accepting your child as they were created is failing your children!

Those same parents who desired to have a child…who showed off ultrasound photos…excitedly pieced together a nursery…passed out bubble gum cigars in hues of pink or blue….read bedtime stories and whispered nightly prayers with their child(ren) then turn on the viciously when their child summons the courage to voice the reality of their orientation. That same child you longed for, you now discard without a care.

The child isnt broken or flawed, YOU ARE! They arent the abomination of God… are! You hide behind your religious dogma but lets peel your facade away. Plain and simple, you are a boil on the ass of humanity.

You cling to your god, the same god you claim made mankind in his image….yet apparently the only aspects of his “image” you find to be palatable are the “hetero” aspects. That must thrill your god. That his faithful followers pick and choose from his creation what is deemed ‘right’ and would shit on their children rather than truly love them.

Yes Im sure I am coming across as harsh and bitter but allow me to explain! We are fortunate enough to be affiliated with an amazing organization in Atlanta. Lost-n-Found Youth.

LnF is the only organization in our big city that is working to get our homeless LGBTQ youth off the streets, into a safe housing envirinment, secure jobs, get needed medical attention, and phase them into their own places of residency.

This group operates solely on volunteerism and donations. And in its brief time has seriously made an impact! But if you dont understand the depth of the homeless LGBTQ youth crisis, you wont grasp the extent of this issue of parents throwing their kids out onto the dangerous streets!

40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ. In comparison, the general youth population is only 10% LGBTQ.

LGBTQ youth, once homeless, are at a higher risk for victimization, mental health issues, and unsafe sexual practices. 58.7% of homeless LGBTQ youth have been sexually victimized, compared to 35.4% of heterosexual homeless youth.

LGBTQ homeless youth xommit suicide at higher rates (62.7%) than heterosexual homeless youth (29%).

If you want more information on the crisis of our homeless LGBTQ youth, please visit large-1

Look, we cant cure the plague of bigotry in one fell swoop, unfortunately…..but we can start by changing one heart at a time…our own!

Our kids are being tormented at every turn…and guess what.. this bully, bigoted bs begins at home! Prejudice is taught. It is not a natural occurance. Your children listen and observe…and then put that negativity back out into the universe! So take stock of your own heart. Would you want your prejudices, your bigotry, your pure hatred to be directed at your child?! Because ultimately, all of that hate is poisoning SOMEONES child!