Challenge THIS!!!

Oh hell.. …As usual lack of sleep plus the internet has set off my WTF-ometer this morning.

I am starting to really question the combined iq of humanity. Think I’m wrong? Let’s look at a few” trending” challenges, or as I’m categorizing them, “I’m an attention whore so please validate me!!!” trends.


First up, the fire challenge. Yes……the FIRE challenge.


There are seriously folks who are ignorant enough to pour alcohol, or some other flammable liquid, onto theirself and then light it on fire. While recording…….to look cool.

Are you not taught as children how playing with fire is a bad idea?!?  Oh….wait…that’s right. Parents are too busy with their own shit these days to actually RAISE their children. Silly me….I forgot!


Perhaps the above photo is effective birth control or a means to ensure the stupidity doesn’t pass to yet another generation.

Next up…..the” Space Monkey Challenge”


A variation on the “pass out game”…..but just as stupidly dangerous. The kids purposely hypervenhilate theirself and then have a friend press against their chest until they pass out…..

Sure, the majority of the time the idiot will quickly regain consciousness and be okay, assuming they’ve not harmed themself when fainting and falling…..but what about when they DONT regain conciousness?! I’m sure their little dumbass cohort knows first aid and cpr, right?!


This next one…..well…I’m not even going to address it’s name. Let’s just play pictionary to clarify…..


Need more???


This one….Sweet baby cheezits. ….I’m often a little bummed that I never had a daughter but this silly ass challenge makes me thankful.

Okay, essentially…as near as I can ascertain the idea given that I’m running on more than one functioning brain cell….the goal is for these females to try to photograph their self having the largest….ummm camel toe.

I cringe to even share an image but I cannot adequately explain this shit without getting way more graphic than I have any desire to do.


Okay…..first of all this shit made me think of the old McDonald’s character, the Hamburglar.  She looks like she is holding a damn purple hamburger!! It is not cute. It is not sexy. It is classless, trashy, stupidity!!


But what does this say about US….as parents…that our young females are even partaking in this shit for some skewed sense of validation??? Why are parents not being more active in teaching our daughters to rise above this shit?!?

Here’s a challenge for the parents….We will call it the ‘Get Off Your Ass and BE A Parent!’ Challenge.

It not really shocking to understand how our kids are walking right into this silly shit when we look at the parents who are supposed to be raising them!

Parents who are too busy with their own social life to even pretend to pay attention to what their kids are doing. Too busy trying to appear young and relevant on their own social networking profiles to worry about what their children are doing on theirs.

Yeah, I’m that parent who stays all up in my kids’ shit. Why? Because it’s my damn JOB. It isn’t up to teachers, or society, or technology to raise my sons. Its my job because that is what I agreed to when I conceived each of my genetic mutations!

I am always slightly stunned when I hear a parent remark on how they didn’t know their kid was doing ‘x,y, or even z’ on this online site or that social  networking page.

Excuse me!!?? Wtf?!

“Oh, I don’t know their passwords” “They changed their password or login info”

Give me a damn break!! Are they underage, no job havin,  non bill paying children or grown ass adults with Benjamin Button disease masquerading as kids to get free room and board?!? 


This is how shit works in MY household. We pay for the home the kids live in. We pay for the clothes on their back. We pay for the phones, internet, and whatever other ways they connect to the world of technology. They don’t.

They are KIDS…..Not tax paying, job having, grown ass folks! Therefore they do not somehow get to dictate whether or not we know passwords, login info etc. I maintain those little details and they know so long as they are MINORS who are living off MY provisions…I will monitor their actions. I will randomly check online activity as I see fit. I will call them to the carpet if they are crossing set boundaries and they will face consequences for bad choices.

But it also means I am safe guarding my children….because it is my responsibility as a PARENT to do so!! These actions recently caught someone we trusted, an adult, who was crossing serious boundaries with one of our kids. It was a shitty reality to find but God forbid I hadn’t and it progressed….because sometimes our kids don’t see the building nightmare in time.

Do my kids dislike me monitoring them? I’m sure. But as I’ve told them they do have options should they choose not to like it……lose their privilege of having these items or move the hell out of my home, get a job, and pay their own damn bills! They always have options.

And that is the genesis of the issue. Our kids aren’t owed any of this shit. It is an earned privilege that can and should be  taken away if they aren’t earning the right to enjoy them! Yet too damn many kids these days seem to use this shit as a bargaining chip with their parents.

“Oh, I will behave, get good grades, not be a little asshole if you give me_ _________” 

Get the hell over yourself! You will do what is expected because if you don’t your ass will do hard time in Mama Bootcamp! I will choose when and how to reward your ads at MY discretion, not because you act like a damn hostage negotiator!!


Look, it isn’t FUN to have to punish a child. In truth, it sucks. But guess what….it’s your responsibility to get off your ass, get in the trenches with your kids, and fight the battle of adolescence right alongside them. Because, you know…..parenting!

If you don’t teach your brat to work hard in life for the things they need, much less the things they WANT…then they will fail miserably. They will never grasp that life, nor society, owes them a damn thing. They will expect shit to be handed to them for simply breathing, because mommy and daddy did.

There is nothing wrong with giving your kid a gift simply because you love them….but when you are constantly giving them whatever they want just because they want it….you aren’t giving them the gift they most need……which is a work ethic and the gift of focusing on goals and achieving those goal for a desired outcome.


“But if I punish them, they will hate me!”  Give me a damn break. This is parenting….not a popularity contest! Their future employer won’t hesitate to reprimand them because your brat may dislike them for doing so. The guards in jail won’t hesitate to execute consequences because your child won’t vote them as their best buddy. Your continual quest to be the “cool parent” won’t mean shit on visiting day at the county jail. You will sit there with all the other aspiring cool parents, crying and wondering where you went wrong.

Noone is impressed that your kid has the latest iPhone, gaming console, iPod, blah blah materialistic parental pageantry bullshit blah, when your child is bankrupt of respect, integrity, morality, life skills, etc.


If your child isn’t being invited to parties, sleepovers, outtings, etc….buying them the latest and greatest isn’t the reason…’s because you’ve failed to create the type of kid anyone else wants to be locked in a damn car with! Their designer labels don’t mean shit when they are spoiled, ungrateful rude brats that no-one can tolerate.

I can generally look at a child and their behavior and tell exactly what type of person their parent is. A little bully isn’t going to stem from parents who don’t act that exact way at home. A little bigoted asshole isn’t likely coming from a home of loving tolerance.  Etc etc…

I could go on and on about this but it’s unlikely the parents who are a problem will see themselves as the problem. So, I will leave it at this..

Parents, I challenge you to be parents!! Stop worrying about your own social circus all the time and get focused on actually raising your children! Stop campaigning like a desperate prom queen wannabe and get in the trenches with your kids. Be willing to upset them if you make a decision they don’t like. Pay more attention to their activity than you do the latest ongoing drama of your own social media.

Kids: I challenge you to stop with the idiocy of these challenges which prove nothing other than the fact you are still too immature to turn away from dangerous, ignorant acts of stupidity. Instead take up the, “Pick up a damn book and get educated challenge!”

You want to be treated more like adults, yet your actions and words show how far away from the mark you are! Wake up and grasp that your parents chose to bring you into this world, but the world doesn’t owe you shit!!! If you want something, get off your pampered little ass and EARN it.


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