Its All Just Melanin Baby…

I look around me and see so much distress, distrust, and discord. It’s really hard to maintain positivity whenever every damn headline is like someone grabbed my fat ass, tossed me into a wormhole, and drug me back a few decades in American history.

You know the headlines….I will save us all from them being plastered into yet another page. And allow me to preface this by saying my heart and prayers go out to all of Mike Brown’s loved ones. No 18 year old should be gunned down and ripped from this world. My oldest son is only two years younger than he was and to even try to imagine my child being gunned down causes a white hot acid to rise in my stomach and my heart to ache. But the reality is my child, any of my children….any of US could just as easily be snuffed out as quickly.

Not because we are a certain race……just simply because this world is so overrun with bitter hate and calculated selfishness that there is no value anymore placed on the human life.


The stark reality is racism and separatism..And as always, I will not pretty my thoughts up or censor myself for anyone’s demand of political correctness. I will say exactly what I mean. I’m sure I will offend but if you’ve read any of my writings here, then you should be used to that by now. I will not dry your tears or coddle you if I do offend you.

I am just an average person living out my life the way I see best fits ME. I cannot or will not ever allow another human to dictate how that should be done. I will not allow another to shove me into whatever box they deem most fitting for the person they perceive or desire me to be.

There was a point where I allowed exactly that and I hated every single moment of it. It took several years to bust out of that fucking box in a swirl of strong willed, sarcastic, unapologetic girl and declare to the world, “THIS is the real me, bitches, accept it or get the hell outta my way!!”

And so many did leave…..but it didn’t take long to realize that they weren’t true friends…they were fake ass Frankensteins trying to create their own brainwashed, religious sycophant robot who dare not form an opinion contrary to their doctrine. I ain’t the one!

I have amassed new and amazing souls in my life. Free spirited individuals who don’t try to superimpose their beliefs and dogma onto everyone else. Who embrace the diversity in this world and see the beauty in it.

But still, being a girl born in the deep South, there’s a stigma. Folks make assumptions fueled by their own blinding ignorance. It is assumed every Southerner must be an exact replica of this:


Now understand, I don’t care for Obama. Not because of race or any other ignorant bullshit…but simply because I’m not fond of his actions as a president. I’m sure he has his positive attributes as a human…but we aren’t family or friends so that’s really not my concern. As a tax paying American citizen who votes.. .I’m not a fan. But this IS America, no? We have the right to opinion.

Yet, at no other point have I seen folks on all sides get so nasty over support/non support of an elected official!! I’ve been called a racist because I’m not an Obama supporter. My oldest child, while in fourth grade, was called a racist because in a mock election in class he didn’t” vote” for Obama.

I laugh that shit off. But my child, at the time, was hurt. He knew he had been raised by parents who taught him to never look at the color of someone’s skin, but rather to embrace humanity as a race. He couldn’t understand why he was attacked like that. And how do you explain that other than to TRY to break it down to, “Not everyone is raised to be color blind. Hate starts at home!”


I get up in a racist family…..but I didn’t know they were racist until I was 12. I know, you’re scratching your head wondering what the he’ll I’m saying. Allow me to explain. And if my extended family is reading this….don’t get angry….get educated!

My brother and I were raised with our father telling us, “You never judge someone for their race, religion, political views, or size of their paycheck… determine what they put out into the universe and how thry treat others, then decide if you accept them or not.” And that is how I viewed the world around me!

Growing up in Stone Mountain, Georgia in the 1970-1980s was vastly different than the melting pot it is now. The area was predominantly middle class and white. But as kids we didn’t see demographics, we just played with the kids that lived around us and had fun. No big deal.

I still can clearly remember the day my eyes opened to racism in my family. I was 12, in the 7th grade, an the area was slowly starting to see a tiny melding of cultures. It was a really nice early Spring day and my best friend Darla was walking home with me from school. I lived in an apartment about a mile from the school. Our friend and classmate, Josh, was walking with us. Josh was a newer student in our school and just happened to be black. We thought nothing of it!

Apparently as we walked home, laughing and talking, my mom and brother drove by and saw us. Again, no biggie right?! Well, later that evening when they returned home my brother came charging after me, ranting about seeing his sister with” that boy”, add in a few racial slurs that I refuse to use.

Thankfully my brother has totally changed his heart and views now…but in that moment I was dumbfounded! What the hell was so wrong with me walking down the road with my friends??

My dad reiterated his life lessons and had to point out the asinine viewpoints my mother’s side of the family held. But being blessed with an amazing father he encouraged me to not be drug down into that shit.

Even today I limit my exposure to a portion of my extended family because I have a low tolerance for bigoted bullshit.

I just cannot grasp why the hell folks don’t comprehend that the color of our skin doesn’t seperate us. No particular hue is superior to another. It’s all just a matter of the levels of melanin, or a particular class of pigments, that determine skin tone versus yours. There is no set “flesh” tone like found in a box of Crayola crayons! The ‘right’ shade of flesh is a prism of every hue of every single being that has walked the Earth or ever will.

Yet we want to ignore that truth and continually act like a bunch of idiots, using mere melanin to crack the surface of humanity with as many fissures as Octamom must have stretch marks!


There is a two part issue that has been the catalyst for me sitting down to write this. And this is where I’m sure I’m about to piss some folks off and lose some readers… be it.

First, there is no “reverse racism”….racism is racism, so hang that stupid shit up! It doesn’t matter who’s spewing the racist propaganda….its still fucking RACISM!!

I have had my jaw drop more in this last week than Blow Job Betty at a glory hole. The utter bullshit I have seen friends and family saying is disturbing!

My dad used to tell me, “Drunk lips tell the truth in someone’s heart” but I’m thinking it’s moments like this in history, the shooting death of Mike Brown, that are revealing some ugly ass true hearts!

Black folks saying some nasty shit about whites…whites saying some heinous idiocy about blacks. Its heartbreaking. And to see some of these racist asshats try talkin about” God” in the next post…!

What God do you serve that is so nasty and infected with hate? What God do you follow that doesn’t abhor racism? I KNOW you aren’t talking about the God of Christianity because he made man in HIS image….so that means he’s a veritable rainbow of color. And that Christin bible you cling to talks about a devil who slithers amuck in the world….using distractions to draw mankind’s focus from God by flooding humanity with hate, division, angst, etc etc…. So uh……yall need to step back and get your shit straight before you bring God into this nasty ass cocktail of hate! Because you aren’t winning ANY souls to your God with this vile shit.

Secondary, before that can even be a possibility, this racism within a race has to go!! And don’t tilt your head at the screen, lookung like a dog trying to locate a fart that it heard but can’t see!!

Here’s a prime example of what I mean:

Last night, comedian Kevin Hart announced his engagement. I was on Facebook and reading the comments his” fans” left. If those are fans, I’m scared to see his enemies.

Yes we’ve all heard that his last marriage ended because he cheated. We’ve heard the exwifes tale too. But there is only three people who know what happened! Him, his ex-wife, and God. Plain and simple. None of us was there….and we aren’t really it’s none of our damn business. And he isn’t the first person to have an affair….or to divorce. So who the hell is anyone to be commentating?!

But that wasn’t what made me scratch my head in confusion. Okay…so here is Kevin’s ex-wife:

Beautiful woman.

And here is his fiancee:

Another beautiful woman. But the messages bashing him for going out with a girl of a different race….. ummm…what?

They are both beautiful black women.

So then it becomes an issue…..once again…of melanin. Is he ONLY permitted to date women of a darker skin tone?!

And I read, appalled, at the comments from black women about how this light skin, gold digger stole one of the few successful black men.

Da Fuq?!? Five minutes ago he’s a cheating ass piece of shit….but NOW you’re mad because some lighter skinned girl got him?! The absurdity astounds me.

God forbid that man’s career had he proposed to a white female!

And its no different on this side of the color spectrum. White men raisin hell if they see a white female with a black male.

Its drives me up a damn wall! And reminds me of when my kids were younger. We go to the store and they each have a few bucks to buy something. They each choose their item and are already shit talking what the other chose…..until we leave. Then the fighting starts because one decides suddenly what the other picked out is more desirable than their choice and all manner of holy hell fighting breaks out. See the correlation here?!?

Maybe, just maybe, that chose that person, not based on race at all, but because they are a happier,more appreciative person versus you….always blaming others for your miserable ass state of mind.

But again, it comes down to the division and bitterness that quickly becomes racism. And continually erases the legacy left behind of those who gave their life in the fight for equality.


We aren’t born hating! This is a learned behavior. It is observed by a young child who looks to their parent to demonstrate how to approach life. Take a long look in the mirror…are the ideals and actions you show your children edifying or toxifying?

Our kids are the next generation to run this world….are we leaving them with the skills to make it better than we found it?


Our martyrs to equality did not give their lives for the bullshit we refuse to change. Martin Luther King Jr wanted true human equality. He did not want one race to Lord over another. He didn’t dream of us justifying our anger and division by events of the past. He laid his life down to erase that and give mankind a fresh slate, upon which to write a new history where all humans are equal and treat one another the same.

It saddens me to see those ‘leaders’ who fought beside him, continually stirring up the cauldron of racism. Every time they do, they piss on that man’s beautiful legacy!

Obviously I could go on and on about this….but to save this from being longer than Gone With The Wind, I’m going to move on.

The base of this issue Missouri is that we are dealing with a corrupt government! With a horribly unjust” justice” system. And yes, as angered Americans, we must speak up!!!

But rioting, looting, and chaos will not achieve that end goal! Destroying the businesses that keep your community going in order to make a statement about law enforcement corruption is like setting your own home ablaze to prove that 911 response time is too slow!

Sending death threats to the family of a cop who killed a young boy is as heinous as him murdering the 18 year old. None of this will change that injustice, and in all actuality makes all of this worse! The escalating chaos is going to get people killed!

Pointing fingers at each other does nothing to move forth towards the end of these horrible crimes… only divides us!

This is not a race issue. Its neither a religious or cultural issue. Its an issue of putting an end to these killings, and tht effort is slowed when those rising up against it are doing so in violent or destructive ways.

Its time for ALL humans to throw out the played out race cards and embrace the possibility of one race…the human race!


The historical reality of racial inequality is awful….we cannot undo that. But we can choose to realize empowering the atrocities of the past to still divide us allows it to keep us shackled to bitterness and blame. And if we refuse to break those shackles and carve a new path towards unity, then we have absolutely no right to bemoan the toxicity of racism and bigotry.

Change starts with one heart deciding to make a difference.



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